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The Problem: We’ve reached a point in time where our zip code is a bigger predictor of life expectancy than a our genetic code. The United States ranks near the bottom in life expectancy compared to all other developed countries. Here in Tennessee, we live sicker and shorter lives than most of the states in the U.S.

Solutions: We have over a century of evidence showing that ‘Place’ matters. If ‘Place’ matters, one solution is to make the place better.  We’ve studied communities where people live the longest and turned these best practices into actions at the street and neighborhood level. The people in communities that live the longest know the names and have healthy relationships with their neighbors. They manage stress by resting, spending time with friends, and through prayer or meditation. They all have gardens and their diet is vegetable heavy.  It might surprise you, but they rarely exercise. Instead physical activity is more about natural motion, doing common activities, and simply walking.  They walk at least 30 minutes everyday. If that sounds too hard, just try to limit your sitting and laying to 23 ½  hours and the math will work out the same.  We at Healthier Montgomery also help you look at where we live through a different lens.   At Healthier Montgomery, we’re in the “Place” improvement business.

Where to Start:

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