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70 students enrolled

Complete all five activities and document your success, and your neighborhood will receive recognition for all your collective hard work. Feel great, shine bright. You can’t go wrong with that!

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Once you have completed all the activities, receive a downloadable certificate by clicking Finish Course.

  • 01 - Bring It Home 

    Bring healthy habits to your family, too...

    • A photo of a happy, healthy family. Bring It Home – Activity
  • 02 - Keep It Clean 

    Organize a clean-up day for your neighborhood or street...

    • A photo of community volunteers smiling. Keep it Clean – Activity
  • 03 - Study Up 

    The more you know, the more you can share!

    • A photo of a person strudying nutrition. Study Up – Activity
  • 04 - Sweat It Out 

    Help residents in your neighborhood become more active...

    • A photo of a community workout group. Sweat It Out – Activity
  • 05 - Veg Out 

    Eating a diet full of colorful and fresh fruits and vegetables...

    • A photo of a community garden. Veg Out – Activity
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